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• Tub thoroughly scrubbed, rinsed • Tiles and chrome cleaned and left shining • Sink scrubbed • Toilet scrubbed inside and out • Vanity top cleaned • Mirrors cleaned • Dusting • Garbage emptied • Floor vacuumed or washed • Molding and corners dusted • Window sills wiped • Bed made • Fingerprints washed • Furniture dusted • All baseboards dusted or wiped down • Floor vacuumed or washed
Toronto Residential Cleaning Services
You have to allow a sufficient number of hours to properly dry your laundry • You have to separate your laundry by color • Please do not include any delicate items that should not be machine-washed • Please have appropriate laundry detergent available for the cleaning staff A very important thing to remember: While we offer laundry service, we are not able to guarantee that your clothes will not shrink or discolor. When in doubt, please do not include the items that may be damaged by a regular laundry process
You need to make the best possible first impression on everyone who visits your office. Not just customers, but also employees and stakeholders. Or else, it affects morale. And everyone on your team must have same common goal of making your company look as good as possible. You're the reason we're in business, and we'll always remember that. We do whatever it takes to get the job done right. And we treat you with the respect you deserve. Of course, you need someone you can trust. That's the Monica Cleaning Services.
Monica Cleaning Services | Toronto Home Cleaning To us, cleaning is not only about scrubbing, dusting and polishing to a shine. It's about creating a lifestyle that is comfortable for you; it is about making your living space feel like home. There is nothing more inviting than a crisply made bed, a sparkling sink, and beautiful bathroom. Having housekeeping services is no longer a luxury – for most busy families!
Office Cleaning You've spent a lot of time and money creating, nurturing and promoting your brand. In order to look professional and maintain a good reputation, you put on a good show at all times. Because if even a small detail is out of place, people will eventually notice
Toronto Commercial Cleaning Services
• Countertops • Cabinet • Sinks scrubbed and sanitized • Backsplash • Oven • Fridge • Dishwasher • Kitchen table • Furniture dusted • All baseboards dusted • Garbage emptied
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